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A Four Act Play: International Logistics
February 15, 2012

A Four Act Play: International Logistics

The other day, a friend stopped me and asked me to explain just how the shipping process goes with International Logistics. “You want me to explain it all right here, right now? On the sidewalk?” I asked. He went on to say that understanding International Logistics was a lot like trying to understand an opera, or a play. “To the common person, there was a lot to wrap your mind around” he said.

This gave me a terrific idea. Why not try and explain one within the format of another?  And so without any further delay, please allow me to explain just exactly what DRT does for you as seen through the eyes of a dramatic play or opera.

The opening act: Act 1

Your package or shipment is scheduled to be picked up. You’ve placed the call to DRT and have confirmation of when to expect a courier. From here, DRT immediately schedules you in line within the parameters of your shipping demands. Your courier arrives, makes sure all of the shipping info is correct and takes your precious cargo on board, to be brought to the correct send off location (depending on your choice of sea/air freight). Not a lot of dramatic build up or mention of romantic star crossed lovers, just efficient planning and dependable service.

The plot unfolds: Act 2

Before leaving the country (if applicable) a seasoned DRT customs employee looks over the paperwork to ensure there will be no snags along the way due to paperwork irregularities or the mislabeling of any goods. This is one of the most important steps before letting the goods leave the country. One mistake here could cost days, or added dollars to your shipment. Glad you chose us? You bet you are. We see thousands of different categories & classifications of goods every day. Relax, we’ve got this. If your shipment is a play, then we will be the choreographer.

Action on the high seas: Act 3

Your shipment is securely and safely transported to your port or final destination. Your goods are sound asleep, rocking to the rhythm of the ocean. Aside from it being a little dark in there, they are having the time of their (inanimate) lives. No time for talk of snorkeling or sight seeing- these goods are needed at their destination right away! DRT ensures the on time arrival and communicates on a daily basis with the chosen transporter across the sea. Even Jack Sparrow couldn’t offer you that!

Dawn of a new day: Act 4

Your goods arrive safe and sound in their port of call. As the sun shines upon them for the first time since leaving the originating city, they may be hearing new languages or seeing new sights- but your goods don’t have long to sight see, they’re almost there! They are inspected by trusted customs officials and verified to be correct by the documentation provided by DRT. Once being approved, your shipment is sent to its final destination. One more trip, guys. Back in the box!

Peace of mind that only DRT can deliver: The Final Act

Your goods arrive at their final destination. Once getting the package, your receiving party has smiles on everyone’s faces. They are amazed how efficiently and quickly your goods got there. This is the part you can take all the credit for. (Go on, we don’t mind). Your goods get to their intended location on time and safe. This is the part of the story where the hero saves the day, or the gets the girl. Choose your cliché. One thing’s for sure- There’s nothing cliché about safe, reliable shipping at an affordable price. Here at DRT, we’ve been reading that story for over 17 years. It’s one of our favorites.

For more information or to write your own chapter of the story, contact one of our representatives at (305)-888-3513 or visit us at www.drt-int.com.