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Freight Forwarding Blogs to Help you Stay Informed
July 2, 2012

Freight Forwarding Blogs to Help you Stay Informed

Keeping up with the latest news, trends and innovations in the freight forwarding industry can be tough. In an ever-changing world, keeping on top of the news can be a tiring ordeal. Fortunately for you, DRT International keeps on top of it for you.  Below are a list of some fun blogs to follow (or check in on from time to time) and offers a quick list of what to expect from each site.

DRT International blog  has industry specific news, links to get quotes, and latest trends in the U.S. and abroad. –  This blog may not be kept up to date regularly, but still packs some historical significance if you need to look for information.

*– Offering new and dated information, this blog stays true to it’s name. A blog about freight.

*– A good site to check for news, trends and even get quotes.

* – The site offers a number of tips to carriers and shippers alike to save on their freight forwarding. The news section is updated regularly as well and it provides an interesting read.

* –Although spotty at times on it’s updating, this site tends to give good material to read about the latest news in the freight forwarding industry.

* – This blog offers some insight into the small package and freight forwarding industry. Even though the blog is fairly new, it features good of information and news. You may find the posts pertaining to key areas of the industry fairly useful and they are answered pretty regularly.

* – Offering an easy to read format on do’s and dont’s, this site is fun to navigate. It also has some interesting features within the shipping industry.

* – The blog mainly focuses on the trucking industry and heavy equipment used in freight forwarding.