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Determining How Much Will Fit in a Shipping Container
January 11, 2012

Determining How Much Will Fit in a Shipping Container

Trying to determine just how much you can fit into a container, or even if your shipments qualifies for a LCL shipment can be tough.  When trying to figure out just what fits your needs, we can help from start to finish.  Don’t be afraid to draw the dimensions of your goods on a piece of paper to try and get a feel for the volume at hand. Sometimes, gathering all of your goods into a central part of the room will help you get an accurate idea of the expected dimensions.  A good game plan can ensure your goods get packed efficiently, and safely before being shipped anywhere in the world.

Sometimes, you may have to think outside the box when loading your goods.  Getting creative in your packing attempts can be a 2 steps forward/ 1 step back process.  Just remember: it’s better to have a little free space than to realize your goods won’t fit once you’ve already ordered the container, and packed it full.  One of our experts can assist you with determining just what size container suits you best, or if a LCL is what you need.  Call us today at 305-888-3513 or Email to get help with deciding on volume limits and the best fir for your upcoming shipment.  Whether it’s a door-to-door or port-to-port shipment, we have the trusted help of over 65 of the biggest and most reliable shippers in the world.