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Logistic Products

Logistic Products

Detail. That’s the difference between us and the other guys. And when it comes to global transportation, we have the solution you need to ensure that your cargo gets to its destination as fast and affordably as possible.

In need of shipment? Our variety of services includes:

Air Freight

Air service without the exorbitant fees you’ve come to expect. Faster timelines than UPS or FedEx can hope to manage. Because slow and expensive shipments don’t fly with us.

International Courier Service

We’re direct resellers, which means our express letter service is available at lower rates than what you’ll find elsewhere. These rates, along with our Fortune 100 rates ensure you can better manage your mailing and shipping expenses.

Ocean Freight (LCL, FCL and consolidations)

Ocean shipping can be the most affordable option for freights of all sizes. Our extended network of international transoceanic partners allows us to offer cargo shipments with price consolidation efficiencies that save you more.

Keep in mind that several factors affect ocean freight deliveries, including the weather. A shipment from the United States typically reaches the Caribbean in one week, while it takes about 30 days to Asia.

International Road and Rail Transport

If you’re shipping between Canada, the USA, and Mexico, DRT offers international ground shipping. We utilize both trucks and trains to get your shipments where they need to be — and although this mode can take a little longer than air shipments, it’s a good solution for packages that are not perishable or otherwise time sensitive.

This mode of transportation is also more cost effective when compared to air freight and nearly everything can be shipped by rail. Plus, the rail system is expected gain popularity in the coming years to support the increase in intermodal shipping.

Inland Freight / Intermodal Transportation Service

Moving cargo across the ground can be complicated and cumbersome anywhere in the world — but especially when you need to cross several borders. Our ground transportation options (including rail and trucking) reach every country in the world.

Have large cargo? Crossing multiple borders? No worries. DRT’s inland domestic trucking and rail systems get your shipment where it needs to go seamlessly. And your packages are always traceable thanks to our intuitive online tracking system.

Project Cargo and Charters

When you’ve got an oversized cargo load, the more practical and affordable solution might be to charter a ship. We partner with international charters around the world and offer various selections you can choose from. “Own” your charter as it ships from Point A to Point B. Chartering vessels has saved our clients upwards of $150,000 per shipment!

Customs Clearance at Origin and/or Destination

When it comes to customs clearance, it’s important to work with the most experienced broker who is aware of your needs. This can mean a lot to your bottom line because an experienced broker will negotiate which taxes, duties and excises you will pay. Besides that, they also negotiate whether or not your charter can even pass through a nation.

Because we’ve gained decades of experience negotiating at ports in every country around the globe, you can feel confident knowing your shipment is safe with us. Each team member is given a minimum of 24 hours of training annually so they are informed about the world’s evolving laws and regulations. And that means your shipment will arrive at its final destination without trouble and in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Our customs brokerage services are available to anyone and everyone in need of an experienced broker to escort shipments to and from international destinations — even if we’re not managing your supply chain or shipping your cargo.

Warehousing and Distribution

When you ship cargo across the world — or even just the country — you might find you have warehousing needs. Maybe it’s a standard warehouse solution where you’ll store goods that just came through customs, or DRT’s bonded warehousing, which allows shipments to transfer directly from customs to shipping out of the country once again.

Our experienced team can navigate even the most complicated route with multiple stops in customs, stopovers before reshipment, or long-term storage and distribution. Our experience in global supply chain management allows us to be an excellent partner for handling your shipments, regardless of where they go and how they get there.

Supply Chain Management

We are a full-service logistics company. We offer help to anyone—from those who need just one mode of cargo transport to those completing global supply-chain management. When you require an experienced team to ship your cargo across the globe, beyond borders, and with warehousing and distribution options available at Point A or Point B, you need full global supply chain management services. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

DRT’s logistics team has customized supply chain management solutions for various industries for decades — even for those with unique or challenging needs.

We offer a supply chain management process that guarantees you always have access to the information, pricing and accuracy you need to keep your company thriving. No supply chain is too small or too complex — you’ll always will receive the personal attention you need to effectively manage your logistics needs.

Our supply chain management process is one of a kind because it provides:

  • Weekly inventory reports
  • Daily prioritization of items to be shipped
  • Loading guides for each warehouse location
  • Pulling and repacking of items for export
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation
  • Email notifications relaying shipment documentation
  • Pre-clearance preparation
  • Weekly tracking sheet broken down by geographic location
  • Prepare entries, clear and deliver cargo to site
  • Notifications of clearance and deliveries
  • State-of-the-art, web-based tracking and reporting system for easy access to status, paperwork and more
  • Customized solutions to specific needs that your business requires

Web Tracking Information Online

DRT’s revolutionary shipment tracking software tool allows you to track cargo that is moved by companies in our worldwide network. This allows our customers to view information including

  • Pickup Orders
  • Warehouse Receipts
  • Cargo Releases
  • Shipments
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Jobs
  • Invoices

Additionally, you can view photos of the freight and print any documentation as it relates to your shipment. And your privacy is important. This feature is user login and password protected to ensure that only authorized users can access this information.

International Logistics Consulting

When it comes to your shipping strategy, our logistics specialists are here for you. They help companies with internal teams develop a strategy and plan with DRT’s logistics consulting services.

Our logistics specialists will guide your team members to:

  • Find any inefficiencies that cost you money
  • Create a long-term logistical plan to maximize time and budget
  • Eliminate pain points in the current process
  • Create a list of duties for all members of the logistics team
  • Establish effective timelines
  • Advise on warehousing and storage needs
  • Solve your challenges through customized logistic solutions

Maybe your team is established, but doesn’t have a process in mind; or maybe you need to provide your new team with a framework and process. Either way, we are ready to offer the right solution to solve your problems. And we can even help you implement the process in its entirety or just pieces of it.

What are your logistics pains?