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DRT International Bonding Protects your Cargo
April 11, 2012

DRT International Bonding Protects your Cargo

DRT International is proud to announce that they have completed the necessary steps to become bonded.  An important step in offering a customer fewer worries and more assurance that their goods will arrive safe and sound, bonding represents a huge step in customer service and quality assurance for DRT International.

Customers are now offered peace of mind in knowing that the money they have spent to get their goods from point A to point B is well spent, and the agreed-upon work order is guaranteed to get done to the fullest of their satisfaction. This decision was an easy one for DRT International, as it has become common knowledge that A savvy customer who has a choice between a bonded service provider and a non-bonded provider will always choose the one with the surety bond.

At DRT International, customer service is paramount, and this bonding shows that DRT is serious about keeping the customer satisfied, through every step of the process. That now includes one of the most important steps along the way- Confidence.