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Global CSC Certificate awarded to Staxxon Folding Steel Shipping Container
April 23, 2012

Global CSC Certificate awarded to Staxxon Folding Steel Shipping Container

Global CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) Certificate awarded to Staxxon Folding Steel Shipping Container
Staxxon, LLC based out of Montclair, NJ was recently issued CSC Certificate Number USA/MC/101/12 on April 12, 2012 by Marine Container Equipment Certification Corp. The Certificate was issued, and all ratings were established because Staxxon’s patented folding/nesting steel container design is able to be safely loaded and moved with shipping commodity weights and volumes that are typical for a 20 foot ISO/IMO shipping container used for ocean, rail and truck transport around the world.
Staxxon’s 20-foot shipping container design was safely rated at:
Maximum Gross Weight: 52,900 pounds (24,000 kilograms)
Maximum Payload: 45,910 pounds (20,825 kilograms)
Stacking (Corner Post): 190,400 pounds (86,400 kilograms)Stacking Capacity: 423,280 pounds (192,000 kilograms) or 8 high/7 over 1Transverse Racking: 33,700 pounds (15,286 kilograms)
Floor Strength: 16,000 pounds (7,257 kilograms)
Gross Interior Volume Capacity for the Staxxon container design, based on interior dimensions totaled 1,149 cubic feet (32.536 cubic meters) giving Staxxon the necessary dimensions to meet today’s shipping needs.

The beauty of the design is Staxxon’s design reduces return operating costs by folding empty steel containers from side to side , not much unlike an accordian and fitting up to 5 empty, collapsed containers into the same space needed for 1. All this is done while remaining within ISO dimensional requirements.

The founder and CEO of Staxxon, George Kochanowski said, “Obtaining a CSC Certificate for our container space/slot optimization technology validates years of work and testing and effectively adds Staxxon’s vertical folding/nesting shipping container to the lengthy list of inventions like the airplane, electric cash register and storage battery that were all created in Dayton, Ohio, USA. The next round of market tests and trials will demonstrate that the Staxxon technology and related business model can generate significant cost savings for container fleet owners/operators, carriers, terminal/depot operators and shippers.”

With previous technology, it would take 5 trucks to drop off 5 empty containers at a port or terminal. With Staxxon’s technology, one truck pulling a chassis can drop off 5 empty containers.

Also worth noting, all of the commonly used equipment at marine, rail and truck terminals can move 5 empty containers with 1 move instead of 5 moves.
Todays shippers & carriers (whether they be ocean, truck or rail) as well as terminals and ports stand to save considerable time, energy, and most importantly money by utilizing Staxxon’s folding containers. The reduction of moves, and minimization of return cost of empty containers are one of the biggest incentives for carriers and shippers worldwide.
Staxxon is providing a terrific solution to wasteful spending, and rapidly becoming known for their “green” shipping solutions. Ideas like this make you wonder “Why didn’t we think of this before?”