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A Consumer’s Worst Nightmare: Logistics Breakdown
June 4, 2012

A Consumer’s Worst Nightmare: Logistics Breakdown

In the digital, instant gratification, “Gotta have it now” world we live in, there is one thing that frightens everyone from iPhone buyers, to International food connoisseurs: A total logistics breakdown.

From start to finish, the Supply chain is always one wrong turn or broken part away from a disappointed consumer. The process from start to finish is in delicate balance to begin with. Add on the complexities of changing weather, social unrest in various areas of the world, or even pirates on the high seas, and obtaining an on time arrival to the already cappuccino laden consumer is under that much more scrutiny.
The “wiggle room” for items shipped all around the world has shrunk immensely. Sure, this puts almost all International shippers under the microscope, but that’s where the beauty of the whole thing actually shines through.

Those companies who have a very well laid out structure, and are managed well within already have a leg up on the competition. Having a detailed, well laid out plan, and employees who understand their role fully help make a very big difference.

DRT International has back up plans to their back up plans. Any and every scenario has already been considered. Bad storms in Madrid that may delay container shipments leaving for the port in Barcelona? No problem, lets inform Lisbon that we may have an additional container and redirect the truck there.

Being in constant communication, and forging long lasting relationships with those in the industry is what has made life easy for DRT and their customers since 1995. Foreseeing trouble and having confidence in those working for us is what has made DRT standout from any other shipping company in the world. We have the knowledge and confidence in our logistics processes every step of the way.

The next time you hear about port delays, or unruly shipping conditions in a certain part of the world, it’s safe to assume that we’ve already reacted to it, and left it in our wake. DRT has a very well structured plan of attack for problems, and has overcome the toughest of obstacles in the past. We’ve been there, and we’ll be there.