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February 5, 2014


China has always been a fascinating country in all aspects with a booming economy, advanced technology and “mind blowing” infrastructure. DRT International knows that China is a major and important player in regards to international trade with the US. We have agency representation in China and we offer phenomenal shipping rates and incredible services between both destinations. Our services include direct weekly LCL and FCL service to and from Shenzhen, Ningbo, Hong Kong Qingdao, Shanghai and several other ports in China.

According to https://worldcityweb.com/ (December 26, 2013) for the month of October 2013, China was the US’s second highest trading partner with trade rising to 4.00 percent which amounted to $458.52 billion. Exports from the US to China rose 6.85 percent to $95.75 billion while imports from China to the US rose 3.28 percent to $362.77 billion. The top five U.S. exports to China by value through October 2013 were civilian aircraft and parts; soybeans; motor vehicles for transporting people; computer chips; and copper waste and scrap, respectively. On the other hand, the top five U.S. imports from China by value were landline, cellular phone equipment; computers; TVs, computer monitors and toys.

There are several factors which make trade favorable between both destinations. One of the primary objectives of the U.S. policy with regard to China is creating jobs and growing the American economy by increasing exports. The US also heavily relies upon imports from China because they offer wide range high quality products at affordable prices. A perfect example of this is that China currently has the world’s largest mobile phone network and one of the fastest-growing markets, with over 1.22 billion mobile phone subscribers as of as of October 2013. Moreover there has been a significant increase in the movement of production facilities from other (primarily Asian) countries to China   (Wayne Morrison “China-U.S. Trade Issues” December 16, 2013)

China has a significant number of market opportunities and it will remain an important and viable market for a wide range of U.S. products and services for years to come.