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We provide the knowledge and resources to make shipping easy, worry free, flexible and cost effective


The biggest difference between us and the other logistics companies out there is the extra attention to detail we provide for each and every one of our clients. It’s the little things—those specific and unique needs that you have—that we accommodate without hesitation and the other logistics companies simply ignore.

Our services include any number of global transportation options, as a single solution or any combination of shipping methods that will get your cargo where it needs to go in the most time and cost-efficient manner possible.

Our expert services include, but are not limited to:

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight (LCL, FCL and consolidations)
  • Inland Freight
  • International Road and Rail Transport
  • intermodal Transportation Service
  • Project Cargo and Charters
  • Customs Clearance at Origin and/or Destination
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • International Logistics Consulting
  • Web Tracking Information Online


Our clients and partners enjoy heavily reduced rates for courier services. As a DHL reseller, we offer express letter service at rates lower than DHL’s standard rates. This service and Fortune 100 rates, offer our clients one more valuable way to trim down overall shipping and mailing costs.


When you need to send a larger package quickly but don’t want to incur the expense (sometimes thousands of dollars) of sending it overnight via UPS or FedEx, but cannot wait for slow ground shipping timelines, we have the solution. We can send your shipment via standard air cargo by placing it on existing cargo flights that are not already full. This means you can ship larger freight deliveries anywhere in the world in about 3-5 days.

Only our vast network of transportation partners could offer this special service at a fraction of the cost of commercial carriers with rate and timeline efficiencies that UPS and FedEx cannot touch.


For any sized freight shipping needs, ocean transit is the most cost efficient option. Our vast network of transoceanic freight partners offers space for cargo shipments large and small with cost consolidation efficiencies that positively impact your bottom line.

Ocean freight delivery timelines vary according to several factors like routes and weather conditions, but typically a shipment from the U.S. to the Caribbean takes 7 days, and shipments to Asia take roughly 30 days.


Some of our clients deal with cargo loads that are so large that the most economical and practical solution is to charter their own ship. DRT has a large network of charter shipping partners and many options to select from.

We can charter a ship that you “own” for the entire transfer of goods from Point A to Point B. By chartering vessels for extremely large shipments, we have saved our clients upwards of $150,000 per transfer!


Moving cargo across the ground in any country can be complicated and cumbersome, especially in situations where you need to move cargo across multiple borders. Our network of ground transportation options, including rail and trucking, covers ground in every country in the world.

Even for larger shipments across several national borders, our inland domestic trucking and rail systems will get your cargo from origin to destination with seamless delivery. You can even accurately estimate your cargo’s progress on the ground using our online tracking system. No matter where it came from, how far it needs to go, or how many borders it must cross, your cargo is completely traceable.


Most companies that ship cargo across the country or the world have some warehousing needs. Whether your route requires a simple standard warehouse solutions to store goods that just came through customs, or bonded warehousing that allows shipments to transfer directly from customs to be shipped back out of the country again, we will accommodate.

Even the most complicated route that takes your shipment through multiple stops in customs, stopovers before reshipment or long-term storage and distribution, our experienced team can navigate these requirements with ease and efficiency.  It is our tenure in global supply chain management that makes us the right partner to handle your goods no matter where they stop or how they are distributed.

Customs Brokerage

When it comes to clearing your cargo through customs, you want the most experienced broker who truly understands your needs. Having the right customs broker means a lot to the bottom line—after all, they will negotiate which taxes, duties and excises you will pay, not to mention if the cargo is allowed to move forward at all!

Our customs brokers have been successfully negotiating cargo through ports in every country in the world for decades. We make sure all our team members received a minimum of 24 hours of additional training each year to ensure they are educated on the latest laws and regulations. Rest assured, your cargo will arrive at its final destination in the smoothest and most cost-efficient manner possible.

Our customs brokerage services are available to any company that needs an experienced broker to shepherd cargo to and from international destinations—even if you don’t manage your supply chain or ship any cargo with us.