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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

DRT is a full-service logistics company offering help with one area of cargo transport, all the way up to complete global supply-chain management.

When your needs require an experienced team to get shipments around the world, across multiple borders, with warehousing and distribution on either end, then you need full global supply chain management services.

For decades, our logistics experts have customized supply chain management solutions for clients across many different industries, each with needs more unique than the next.

DRT offers a completely different type of supply chain management process that guarantees our clients and partners get the information, pricing and accuracy in deliveries they need to keep their businesses humming. Regardless of how complicated your supply chain is you will receive the personal attention and detail you need to effectively manage your logistical needs.

The supply chain management process is the only one of its kind in the industry and provides:

  • Weekly inventory reports
  • Daily prioritization of items to be shipped
  • Loading guides for each warehouse location
  • Pulling and repacking of items for export
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation
  • Email notifications of shipping documentation to the entire client team
  • Pre-clearance preparation
  • Weekly tracking sheet broken down by geographic location
  • Prepare entries, clear and deliver cargo to site
  • Notifications of clearance and deliveries
  • State-of-the-art, web-based tracking and reporting system for easy access to status, paperwork and more
  • Customized solutions to specific needs that your business requires

Supply Chain Management Case Studies