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The Port of Houston “WOW!”
October 5, 2013

The Port of Houston “WOW!”

The Port of Houston is one of the top ports in the United States.  According to the Port of Houston Authority it is:

  • 1st ranked US port in foreign tonnage
  • 2nd ranked US port in total tonnage
  • 7th ranked US container port by total TEUs in 2012
  • Largest Texas port with 46% of market share by tonnage
  • Largest Texas container port with 96% market share in containers by total TEUs in 2012
  • Largest Gulf Coast container port, handling 67% of US Gulf Coast container traffic in 2012
  • 2nd ranked US port in terms of cargo value (based on CBP Customs port definitions
  • Extensive intermodal network by road and rail

In addition the port boasts technologically advanced features such as modern container terminals and prestige facilities that can host large cargoes. Houston’s strategic location at the intersection of major trade lanes also makes it an “eye catching” place for import and export.

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