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Why Use Bonded Warehousing Facilities? 7 Great Reasons
September 16, 2014

Why Use Bonded Warehousing Facilities? 7 Great Reasons

A bonded warehouse is a secured warehouse facility that is covered by customs rules. Companies that export products, materials and items abroad commonly use bonded warehousing facilities to store their products. Using this kind of warehousing facility is an optional service but businesses that would like to ensure that their products are safely and legally delivered to their customers avail of bonded warehousing services. There are more reasons to use bonded warehousing, as a smart business owner you should check out the following benefits:

  1. In a bonded facility for storage the payment of VAT and duty taxes on various goods are deferred until these have been removed. The time your products or goods are stored in a bonded warehouse, the warehouse manager will provide you a bond. This bond guarantees that there is no loss of revenue supposing these are released from the bonded warehouse.
  2. Most warehouses will agree to hold goods and items for a period of 4 or more years and these facilities also have equipment and storage systems that can help preserve the quality of products and goods. There are dry containers, deep-freeze systems or bulk storage facilities that will certainly suit any kind of business from any kind of industry.
  3. Traders will save money in the long run since taxes are deferred; if the products are meant for re-export, duty is not expected to be paid. Business owners and traders report savings between 25% to 30% since VAT will only be imposed when you are to sell your goods.
  4. Bonded warehouses are also safe and secure. Security personnel monitor goods 24 hours a day with special monitoring for refrigerated items too. There is also the use of updated and efficient security systems like security cameras, bar coding systems and inventory systems to ensure that all goods stored are well documented and preserved.
  5. Bonded warehouses accommodate all types of products, goods and materials. No matter how small or how big, how irregularly shaped or whether you are storing perishable items, these warehousing facilities will keep your goods safe and sound.
  6. Most bonded warehouses are affiliated with freight forwarding companies and therefore deliveries, logistics, distribution and warehousing are rest assured. Therefore if you would like a total logistics and warehousing solution for your goods, you should look for companies that offer an all in one logistics solution for their customers.
  7. Bonded warehouses have special packages for customers and if you are using an all in one logistics and warehousing partner then expect more efficient and more affordable packages. Usually it starts with a complete evaluation of your warehousing needs as a business and the rest follows. You will have a suitable and customized solution for your needs in no time at all.

Warehousing does not have to be complicated and does not have to be costly too. Bonded warehousing services provided by companies like DRT-Int offers many benefits to small and beginning business owners as well as large and successful business owners too.